Finance Department


Contact: City Treasurer
Alvin Bratton
Telephone: (301) 773-2100, ext. 19
Fax: (301) 773-5641

The Finance Department is responsible for the proper accounting and reporting of all financial activities of the City. The department functions to provide financial information needed for policy and administrative decisions.  The financial information is used:

(1) to assess the existing financial position of the City as a whole, or of a particular fund, program or department; (2) to forecast this financial position over a given future time; (3) to monitor and control the flow of revenies and expenditures so as to maintain accountability for funds; and (4) to operate the City within legal and budgetary constraints.

Responsibilities include safeguarding of all monies collected for the City of Glenarden, the depositing and reporting of all funds used by the City, receiving and distributing all state funds to the City; creating and maintaining an accurate budget, and the safe investment of all monies not currently used by the City.

Finance Department Staff

Sharon Ross, Staff Accountant
(301) 773-2100, ext. 18

Responsible for providing general accounting and finance record keeping services including processing payroll, posting of incoming city accounts receivable and completing bank account reconciliation for each account. Monitors time card usage and records.


Shirley Young, Fiscal Assistant
(301) 773-2100, ext. 17
Provides a wide range of routine clerical, bookkeeping, accounting and administrative work in administering the accounts payable funtion of the City.

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