The Glenarden HEAL City Event


On April 24, 2019, Councilwoman Deborah Eason and Councilwoman Angela Ferguson hosted the City’s first HEAL City event! The occasion turned out to be a great day of relaxation and good company. The event consisted of a tranquil one hour Chair Yoga session with Delana’s Yoga Suite. After letting loose and stretching the body, Chair Yoga was followed by a fifteen minute Thai Chair Massage also with Delana’s Yoga Suite! The event included the Doctor’s Community Hospital WOW Mobile Health Clinic from 10:00am – 4:00pm, which offers FREE health screenings to the community whether insured or uninsured. After a visit to the WOW Mobile Health Clinic, participants enjoyed light and healthy refreshments.


The City expresses much gratitude to HEAL City representative Sydney Daigle who played a key role in the favorable outcome of the event and also participated in the Chair Yoga session! Since the community was very pleased with the Glenarden HEAL City event, the City is planning to host another Chair Yoga and Thai Chair Massage session in the months to come!


 Check out some of the images from the 1st Glenarden HEAL City event!