City of Glenarden, MD

Snow Removal Services

As the last of the fall leaves drop from the trees throughout the City of Glenarden the Public Works Department is preparing to respond to whatever winter brings our way. City staff track potential storms and prepare to respond as soon as the snow starts to fall. Public Works Crews along with a chosen contractor will start plowing operations when an inch of snow is on the ground and are prepared to work 12-hour shifts. We clear public sidewalks at City parks and public buildings during daylight hours.

Public Works encourages businesses and residents to do their part to clear snow and ice from the sidewalks adjoining their property. Primary streets such as, Brightseat Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Highway are maintained by Prince George's County and the State of Maryland, respectively. All other streets are maintained by the City. City crews first clear primary streets then proceed to secondary streets. The City’s goal is to create two travelable lanes on each primary street within a 12-hour shift if the snow fall is six inches or less. If the snow fall is more than six inches, the expectation is to make one travelable lane over a 12-hour period. Snow removal equipment remains in service around the clock until all the roads are cleared. To see a map of snow removal routes, view here.

Often, when severe weather is on the way, the City begins anti-icing procedures by applying a sand salt mixture or liquid de-icing chemicals to the street surface. Plowing begins once snowfall has accumulated to one inch on the street. If the storm produces only sleet and ice, the City treats roadways with sand and salt.

The Public Works Department has developed a few helpful tips for residents to follow during a snow event:

Staying Connected. Conditions leading to a declared snow emergency include the expectation of a significant quantity of snow or an ice event. The City Manager may declare a snow emergency and will announce the status through local media, and on the City’s website, Facebook, and Twitter.

The following restrictions go into effect during declared snow emergencies:

  • Residents are strongly encouraged to park vehicles in their driveways whenever possible. Fewer cars on the street allow City plows to clear the roads more quickly and safely.
  • If you must park on the street, make sure to park your car as close to the curb as possible, and maintain a distance of at least 25 feet from an intersection.
  • Clearing sidewalks: residents are responsible for clearing the public sidewalks adjacent to their property. Keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice by regularly shoveling accumulated snow during and after a snow event.
  • Please DO NOT shovel large amounts of snow into the street when clearing your driveway, lead walk or sidewalk. The best place to pile snow is on the lawn or grassy areas. Piles of snow shoveled out into the street can cause problems for passing vehicles.
  • Being a good neighbor and helping others in need. Reach out and ask neighbors if they need assistance with keeping their sidewalk clear. Many residents are physically unable to shovel snow and ice and are hesitant to request help from neighbors or friends. Your thoughtfulness can make a big difference to someone who might otherwise be unable to cope.

If you have any questions before or during a winter event, please contact the Public Works Department at 301-773-2100 ext. 729.