City of Glenarden, MD

Trash Removal Schedule/Residential Collection Services


Glenarden Service Days

  • Monday – Yard Waste (must be in yard waste bags or trash can marked 'yard waste' – NO Plastic bags) all loose branches must be tied up no longer than 3 feet
  • Wednesday – Trash & Recycle
  • Saturday – Trash & Bulk (3 items) All Mattress & box springs MUST be completely covered with mattress cover or plastic. Please note: no request is necessary for bulk trash pickup, please place your items at the curb the night before (on Friday) for pickup. 
Please be advised, Prince George's County residents will be required to completely cover mattresses and box springs in a protective plastic coveringPlastic zippered mattress covers are available at many local retail stores for a nominal fee. Goode do not pick up White good items which include large appliance like Refrigerators – freezers - stoves – Hot water heaters - washing machines – and dryers. Goode also do not pick up car parts & tires.

Collection Tips

  • Set out all materials by 6:00 a.m. on your collection day.
  • Place bagged trash inside trash cans with lids.
  • Double bag diapers and pet waste.
  • Place all clean recyclable materials inside the recycling containers (i.e. paper products, plastic containers, metal containers, glass containers and newspapers).
  • Recycle: No plastic bags, the only exception is clear bags used for shredded paper.
  • Yard waste must use paper bags, container marked with an “X” or bundled.
  • Yard waste must not exceed 50 lbs. Tree branches and limbs must be binded and not exceed four (4) feet in length.
  • Mattress & Box springs must be covered (due to Bed bugs) in order for the helpers to pick up.
REMINDER: Goode Trash do not pick up White Goods.

Holiday Schedule

When Holiday falls on a Monday – yard waste will be picked up the following Monday. If Holiday falls on Wednesday, recycle will be picked up on the following Wednesday. Services will resume on the next scheduled collection day.

Goode are closed the following Holiday’s:
  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
Acceptable Materials
  • Carpet and padding (must be rolled and tied on ends; limit is 324 sq. ft. - no larger than 18' x 18')
  • Console/tube televisions only (NO flat screen models)
  • Doors and cabinets
  • Furniture such as sofas, coffee tables, bed head/footboards, dressers, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Grills (charcoal and propane tanks must be removed)
  • Mattresses and box springs (must be covered in protective plastic encasement)*
  • Sinks (kitchen/bathroom only)
  • Toilets
  • No more than two (3) large bags of smaller household items such as knick-knacks, home décor, lamps, small kitchen appliances (i.e., toaster ovens, toasters, blenders, air fryers, crock pots) can be set out - (bags must be heavy duty and have a weight limit of 60 pounds)**
Read more - Goode Acceptable Recyclable Materials (PDF).
The City of Glenarden adheres to the recycling guidelines set forth by the Prince George's County government. For more details, please refer to the provided link here. Moreover, plastic bags placed in your recycling bin or cart will no longer be collected. Refer to the flyer for details on proper plastic disposal.

Prince George's County Here's what NOT to Recycle flyer

Non-Acceptable Materials

  • Animal carcasses
  • Asbestos***
  • Ash
  • Automobiles or auto parts
  • Batteries
  • Chemical and/or petroleum cleanup waste
  • Compressed cylinders of any size, shape or condition
  • Construction and demolition debris (C&D)***
  • Drums, tanks, kegs and barrels (plastic and metal) greater than 55 gallons in size unless the sides are removed and the vessel flattened prior to collection
  • Electronics such as computers, printers, etc. and flat screen televisions (see below)
  • Fencing/sheds/gazebos***
  • Glass of any type***
  • Hazardous and bio-hazardous medical waste
  • Home renovation/remodeling debris***
  • Household trash
  • Liquids, including paint, sewage and septic waste
  • Light bulbs of any type
  • Materials from evictions, foreclosures, unoccupied properties, commercial properties or apartment complexes***
  • Metal poles and playground equipment
  • Mirrors
  • Plastic packing materials and plastic sheeting
  • Radioactive material
  • Riding lawnmowers
  • Shingles, roofing materials***
  • Skids and pallets***
  • Soil, rocks, grubbing material and spoil***
  • Tree stumps and logs
  • Televisions (flat screen models; accepted at the Electronics Recycling Acceptance Site) 1
  • Windows and siding***
  • Wood, wood scraps or lumber (that is not a piece of furniture)**

Call Goode Companies, Inc. at (301) 478-7008 if your trash was not collected.

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