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PRESS RELEASE: AUGUST 25, 2022 - Mayor Cashenna A. Cross Glenarden Maryland awarded the
Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteer Service Medal with Presidential lapel pin and coin

Cashenna A. Cross

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Mayor Cashenna A. Cross is a decorated retired veteran of the United States Air Force and an accomplished Department of Defense and community leader chartered more than 30 years of experience in government, planning and project management, and philanthropy. On August 18, 2021, she was sworn into a four-year term as Mayor of the City of Glenarden, Maryland “A City on the Move” where she did become the 18th Mayor and third woman Mayor in the City’s then 82-year history.  A consummate professional from June 1998 - July 2018, Mrs. Cross honorably served this great nation for 20-active duty-years. She entered the United States Air Force through Detachment 425 ROTC program Mississippi State University and became a commissioned Intelligence Officer serving the world’s greatest Air Force. She has commanded at the highest level of U.S. National Security receiving countless Defense Meritorious and Joint Service Awards and accolades from the Department of Defense, as well as accommodations from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  She holds countless credentials and certifications in government, international relations, and public affairs. Mayor Cross is passionate about leveraging her talents and resources in positive uplifting service to all mankind. A strong proponent of ensuring good governance, she is keenly aware and with an ever-present focus on ensuring a fair procedural framework for the conduct of policing activities. Mayor Cross leads actions to address lack, depression, mental health, safety and security, and overall wellness in our communities.  Mayor Cross a wife and mother of two - champions the transformative impact of a strong spiritual, family, and community support system.  Mayor Cross is committed to investing in a quality education system for all and with 27 countries traveled always leverages the inclusionary and amazing chemistry of diversity by hosting mayoral forums and community awareness town halls and events.  Mayor Cross is deeply committed to serving the citizens of Glenarden as a poised executive leader responsible for the details of policy, processes, and procedures rules and standards to the office.  Mayor Cross is an active member of Woodstream Church and endeavors to successfully change the narrative by (positive) community actions and motto “Moving the Mission Forward.”

Additionally, Mayor Cross a President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., Presidential Lifetime Achievement in Volunteer Service Medal awardee enjoys the compassionate selfless service to others.  The 46th President of the United States of America recognized the superb efforts of unity and cohesive partnership which added great credit towards building a stronger safer nation.  Over the last year alone she’s served over 1700 residents across her city and Prince George’s County; donated 300 pounds of clothing; residential housing and urban development quarters administrative processes and recorded accounting paperwork was accurate for 60 housing units in the City of Glenarden; personally lead efforts to deliver 700 pounds of much needed groceries across eleven cities.  Captured needs of at risk communities and briefed to the Prince George’s Chief of Police and county-wide police Chiefs’ and partners as community assessment member/Chairman of the Prince George’s Hope in Action Task Force Community Assessments Committee.  The Community Assessments Committee is one of three legs to the 20 - member Violence Prevention Task Force formed by County Executive which helps identify areas of need in Prince George’s County working with non-profits and stakeholders, create a plan to aid in resource sharing, while developing short and long-term strategies to prevent violence.  In collaboration with “The Hope Collective,” a group of 16 grassroots community partner organizations, non-profits that have received grant funding from county’s Hope in Action Anti-Violence Project to provide school-based and community wraparound services in areas where violent crime is an issue.  Over the last year Mayor Cross has supported diversion/re-entry efforts, senior citizen and youth mental health and wellness efforts, Partnered with local elementary schools regarding after-school enrichment, and with local non-profits guaranteeing employment assistance, anti-violence, anti-gun violence, and anti-lack resources and life skills coaching across Prince George’s County.  In addition to collaborative efforts with violence interrupters working tirelessly to put an end to the domestic and senseless violence robbing our families of unity, communities of peace, and at risk vulnerable disenfranchised youth of a quality lifecycle.  Mayor Cross yield all glory to the Lord God by with and through whom she’s lead with devoted passion towards her motto “Moving the Mission Forward.” 

Working a faith-based community centered vision grounded in inter-agency collaboration e.g., between the Health Department, the Department of Corrections, the Department of Social Services, the Department of Family Services and executive offices serving the State of Maryland, and other community based Prince George’s County and county-wide partners provides holistic assistance to residents of all demographics, our reentering community, especially formerly incarcerated,  veterans,  and youth (18-24 years old)  trying to attain community stability. This weekly work yields Mayor Cross as a compassionate resilience leader driven to prevent offenders from reoffending and provide support for adults and especially returning youth to become productive members of society. Mayor Cross promotes employment, training, and community volunteer actions to break the cycle of debt, hate, and oppression. 

As a Program Manager, Department of Defense policy, joint planning, financial manager, philanthropist, God-fearing and God purposed people’s champion works tirelessly to partner with over 50-organizations to provide informational resources, help, and assistance to those in need - to break the cycle of violence and generational curses plaguing community growth, and debilitating substances which prevents the development of healthy relationship. Believes in the power of prayer to help map critical community needs via discernment and forgiveness. Mayor Cashenna A Cross is a passionate action-oriented community servant who is leading from the front per her quote, “Moving the Mission Forward!”