City of Glenarden, MD

Building Permit Application (Online)

Application for Building Permit

Site Information

Type of Permit

Application Package Requirements:

Completed application checklist, Signed Checklist, Filing fee payment, Required plans and cost estimate (see application checklist)

Fee Amount- $6.00 per thousand based of the cost of the project in addition to $75.00 application fee

Property Owner Information


Zoning and Town Code:


I hereby certify that I am the property owner, that the application is correct, and that the building will be constructed in accordance to the Building Code, Prince George’s County requirements, and the City of Glenarden requirements, as appropriate.


Application/Checklist for Building Permit


Application & Permit Fee

Refer to Fee Schedule

Check or money order should be made payable to: City of Glenarden. Application fee due at time of application submission. Permit Fees due to prior to issuance of permit.

Erosion and Sediment Control Inspection Fees

To be calculated by the City of Glenarden (if applicable).