City of Glenarden, MD

Business License Application (Online)

City of Glenarden, Code Enforcement Department

James R. Cousins, Jr. Municipal Center, Glenarden, MD 20706

Telephone: (301) 773-2100 extension 35 Facsimile: (301) 773-4388


Application must be completed in full. Incomplete applications will not be processed and will be returned to applicant. All applications must include a copy of the Use & Occupancy Certificate, State of Maryland Business License and a copy of the lease agreement for property that is not owned by applicant. Sign and return application with attachments and required fees. Please advise the City of any change in status. A new license is required if a business changes location and/or ownership. Notification to the City of Glenarden is required if the business closes. Issued licenses are valid for one year and must be renewed prior to the expiration date.

License Application

Application Filing Period (insert application year):

Emergency Notification (For Premise Access in Emergency)

Building Ownership Information

If lease, please provide the contact information for the owner of the space.

Business Ownership

Please complete the contact information of the owner(s).

Fee Structure

Each type of business operated on the business premises must have a City of Glenarden issued business license. Businesses that violate this provision will be subjected to fines and/or closing of the business. You must disclose all categories of businesses operating at the establishment. Following are the associated fees for the each of the business classifications. (Note: Fees for new businesses filed after October 1 of each year may be prorated.)

If you checked that you are applying for any of the following, please identify the total number of units or dwelling units.
Apartment Complex
Strip Mall/Office Buildings
Vending Machines
Lottery Units
Single Family / Townhome

Applicant(s) Statement

I/We the undersigned confirm as the business owner(s) /agent for the owner(s) that the above-noted information is correct and agrees to comply with ALL relevant provision of the City of Glenarden Code governing business licenses. It is also understood that the business owner(s) is/are responsible for the overall management of the business including staff while representing the owner’s business. Further, failure to meet these obligations may result in the revocation of the business license.