City of Glenarden, MD

Inter-Municipal and County Enhancement Communication Task Force (IMCCETF)

This initiative, as outlined in Resolution R-31-2024, is a groundbreaking effort aimed at fostering collaborative and effective communication between municipalities and county governments.

The primary objectives of this task force are as follows:

  • Enhance Collaboration and Communication: Establish continuous dialogue through a regular communication channel between municipalities and the county government, and create a shared digital platform for efficient information exchange and progress tracking on development projects.
  • Strategic Planning and Policy Harmonization: Work jointly on a strategic plan that outlines shared goals for housing and business initiatives, harmonizes local and county regulatory policies, and ensures community input is integral in all decision-making stages.
  • Advocacy and Community Benefits: Advocate for legislation that considers the voice of impacted communities in development decisions and draft requirements for Community Benefits Agreements to ensure developments meet community needs.
Deadline for Applications: April 18, 2024. Apply here.

For more information contact the Council Clerk at