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Mayor Cross Mayoral Community Forum: Mental Health & Wellness in our Communities Recap – February 9, 2022

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Panelist Dr. Dulaney, President Thomas, moderator Mr. Woodbury “T- Wood” if I had a thousand tongues, community attendees with relevant now comments and feedback couldn’t thank you enough.  I agree T Wood part two is indeed necessary we are grateful for the time invested and phenomenal comments which highlighted the need for funded before and aftercare programs in our school, moral training in our school, the strength of our communities in evolving the appreciation for local government which drives us towards National change, the preservation of non-profits and civic organizations, encouraging the rebirth of studying our history to reconnect to our higher self the family the community family regardless of demographic when it comes to mental health and wellness in our communities.  The curricula of education brought out by ASALH the African American experience must be re-emphasized. The challenges of technology bringing a behavioral change across society as the need for “favorable feedback” escalated during COVID19 separation an enhanced intervention to decrease the stigma associated with mental HEALTH CHALLENGES IN America all our responsibilities.  WE made the difference in the anecdotal pilot Mayoral Community Forum on Mental Health and Wellness in our communities I’d hoped to see in this Black History month -the true “LIFE” story we make not for ourselves alone but for our children, children-children, and more to come.  We cannot stop nor give way to the disparity in the journey of laying a firm foundation towards excellence. 

Moving the Mission Forward
Mayor Cashenna A. Cross. City of Glenarden, Maryland

View the February 9, 2022 Mayoral Community Forum here

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