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Be a part of the Three G’s – Glenarden Goes Green. The citizens of Glenarden share the same goal of all our communities in Prince George’s County, Maryland of living in healthy, vibrant communities where they can live, work and prosper. But our success will depend heavily on community involvement. Teachers, businesses owners, and residents can all be involved in one way or another. Whether it is installing a rain barrel on your property, volunteering with the 3G’s Team (new – something students can participate in), or achieving a green certification, these are all actions that will define the future of Glenarden. 3G’s of Glenarden is the umbrella term used to describe all of the City’s environmental initiatives. Additionally, the City of Glenarden is committed to making investments in the infrastructure — streetscapes, schools, water/sewer lines — of their main streets and neighborhoods. As these communities embrace the challenges of growing populations, we want to be ahead of the game in reducing rising energy costs, maximizing limited resources and water, and reducing our footprint concerning air pollution and climate change


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GGG (3G’s) Citizen Award (suggested)
Start implementing green practices in Glenarden and tell us about your achievements. The 3G’s Citizen Award recognizes individuals, schools, or groups that contribute to making Glenarden a greener and more sustainable community through innovative practices, educational programs, and community leadership. This award was established to reward members of the community who have actively promoted green living practices in the city and encouraged others to do likewise. More information can be read on the nomination form (needs to be adjusted for GGG Citizen Award) . Nominations are due June 30, 2017. (sample date)