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Welcome to Enrich and its wide array of personalized tools engineered to boost your financial wellness. Enrich_logo_medium

The City of Glenarden is excited to provide you the skill-building resources you need to make your dreams a reality. And because helping you thrive is our number one goal, we’ve made turbo-charging your money expertise fun and easy.

Within Enrich you’ll enjoy:

  • Personalized, takeaway-loaded content covering all your must-knows
  • Pinpointed knowledge-building exercises and how-to tutorials
  • Explainer videos with simple-to-absorb tips and tricks
  • Much, much more!
Explore the advantages of ENRICH Financial Wellness for your benefit:

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To take advantage of all that Enrich has to offer, complete your personalized profile and start exploring all the ways to fast-track your goals. With over 40+ topics within money management, education and career development. 

Explore the Enrich library for tips on everything money: budgeting, emergency funds, investing, government support, taxes, student financial aid and loans, job benefits, insurance, entrepreneurship, extra income, networking, interviewing, salary, and more.

Whether you’re overcoming financial hardship, striving for financial independence or somewhere in between, Enrich has the information and access to experts you need to move forward.

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Step 1: Create a free account and take the personal assessment so we can show you resources that you are interested in.

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Get access to multiple online financial tools for budgeting, handling credit reports, identity theft, retirement, investing, and more.

Need a plan to get out of debt?  Going on vacation and need to save money? Or maybe you need to plan for a life change? We have some great tips for you offered FREE through this platform. 

Step 3: Create your Enrich account today and see the difference in your personal finances!

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Budget Healthy
Check out our Enrich Budget Worksheet to help you get on track -- and stay on track.

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