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Strategic plans are developed by organizations to help them to step back from regular day-today operations and think about the future. The planning process usually involves setting goals for the organization, defining objectives, and identifying tactics to reach the objectives. The goals help guide the organization and those it serves to understand where efforts and resources should be focused. Objectives are more specific than goals. They are measurable action steps to be accomplished. They are carried out by identifying specific short-term tactics or tasks to be done.
The City of Glenarden’s new?? Strategic Plan was formulated with the help of a consultant who specializes in working with local governments. The first step in the process was to get input from various stakeholders and included discussions with Councilmembers, staff, and most importantly from City residents. Residents participated in two community listening sessions and also shared their thoughts through an online survey. The themes that emerged in these sessions were discussed by Council and were used to formulate the plan that was adopted by the City Council at a public meeting in late June 2016.

Strategic Planning for Glenarden vs. Sustainability Planning

The City is also in the process of developing a Sustainability Plan to ensure that it moves forward in an environmentally responsible, economically fair manner.
A community meeting to solicit input on that process was held on February 13, 2016. The sustainability plan and the strategic plan will be two separate documents and are being developed in separate processes; however it is expected that the two plans will be complementary and that sustainability goals will be incorporated into the City’s overall Strategic Plan.

Need More Information?

For more information about the development of Glenarden’s Strategic Plan, please contact Eddie Tobias, City Manager at 301- 773-2100, ext. 12 or email etobias@cityofglenarden.org.