City of Glenarden, MD


You may call the City at 301-773-2100 and press option 1 for the latest meeting
& event updates and option 2 for general information & adminIstrative updates.  

Tune into Verizon Channel 16 & Comcast Channel 71 for news & updates.

Your Browser's settings may prevent certain videos from automatically playing. Clicking anywhere on the video will initiate playback.

The City of Glenarden actively broadcasts on the following government (PEG) cable channels:
Channel Verizon Comcast
Glenarden Government Channel 16 71

City Council meetings and other city government meetings are broadcast on these channels. In addition, resident information and announcements about upcoming city events and meetings are advertised here. Videos about city-sponsored special events also run on this channel. 

Council meetings are rebroadcasted on Tuesday - Friday at 12:30AM, 11:00AM & 7:30PM as well as our social media channels. Meetings are also available as videos on demand here.

Note: Closed captioned versions of the Council meetings can be viewed on the City of Glenarden YouTube channel.  Once there, be sure to click on the CC button in the bottom right hand corner of the video screen to turn on the closed caption view.