Glenarden Community Policing Program

The Glenarden Community policing program in terms of importance ranks right up there with protecting life, and property. It has been proven over time that the communities support is integral to a well-functioning agency no matter the endeavor. In Glenarden we practice several things that bring the Police and the community together. Some of the things that we do are:

  • Explorers Program
  • National Night Out on Crime
  • School visits
  • Career Day
  • Operation Santa with a Badge
  • Social Media


Explorer Program

The Glenarden Explorer program has been run for the past 10 years and has been a rousing success. It has seen several children join as teens, and then graduate. Many of those same kids went on to attend colleges, and become upstanding citizens in the community. Several still come back from time to time, to help with the implementation of the program which had been a huge part of their lives. The Explorer program helps in:

  • Enforcing Strong Moral Character
  • Importance of Physical Fitness
  • Emphasizing Education
  • Understand How, and Why Laws are Made
  • Police Tactics

The Glenarden Explorers Mission is to instill core values in young people, and in other ways to make ethical choices throughout their lives so they can achieve their full potential.


page2image376National Night Out on Crime

The National Night on Crime is held on the first Tuesday of every August nationwide, Canadian cities, and U.S. military bases around the world. Some 37.5 million people are expected to attend the event yearly. National Night Out is designed to:

  • Heighten crime, and drug prevention awareness;
  • Generate support for, and participations in, local anti-crime efforts;
  • Strengthen the bonds between neighborhoods, and Police enhancing the bond;
  • Send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized, and fighting back.

In the city of Glenarden alone, several companies have shown their support to include locally owned businesses, nationwide ones as Well as the Professional Sports team. Some of those businesses are:

  • Professional football team
  • Professional basketball team
  • Professional baseball team
  • Professional hockey team
  • Local business
  • Local grocery stores
  • Local police
  • Movie theaters

As you can see, National Night Out on crime is a collaborative effort, and is one of the best events in the City of Glenarden.



page3image376Operation Santa with a Badge

Operation Santa with a badge is easily the best day of the year for officers in the city of Glenarden. Designed specifically to help children in need within the city limits, Sergeant K. Richardson #9334 heads up the Operation with the help of the Property manager at Woodmore Towne Centre. Sgt. Richardson visits the local schools Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary, Glenarden Woods Elementary, and Ardwick- Ardmore Elementary, and speaks with the guidance counselors to select children in need. Once the kids are selected, a day in December is picked and the children are taken to the Target in Forestville, Maryland where they are given gift cards of $125.00 which allows them to shop at their Hearts content. Some of the other things done that day are:

  • Meeting Santa Claus, and getting their picture taken,
  • Riding in a full Police escort with lights, and Sirens,
  • Eating breakfast, and Lunch,
  • And are given coats, as well as other gifts all through donated money.

Operation Santa with a Badge is a huge success, and like I said is easily the best day of the year. I would also like to add a special Thanks to Lynne Snyder, who has donated very generously in the past, and has been one of the, if not the driving force for the event. She has given space at Forestville Mall, access to Santa, provided breakfast, and lunch, and has given in the thousands. Once again thank you.



page4image392 page4image560Social Media

Social Media is used just like it is, to be Social. It is an excellent way to remove the impediment that sometimes develops between the community, and the Police. With instantaneous information being disseminated the community is kept well informed, and the Police are held to a higher standard. The benefits of Social Media are plenty, but are here are a few:

  • Important information given to the Masses instantly,
  • Showing the human side of Police officers letting the citizens know that they are just people also,
  • Fostering a better sense of community for Police, and neighbors alike.

With Social Media the City has become one gigantic information gathering, and disseminating machine blurring the lines between its residents, and Police.



page4image13880Career Day, School Visits

The Glenarden Police Department has long been a participant in Career day, as well as visits to local schools. Fun events such as Pizza Parties, reading to students, and showing the students what the day of a Police officer is like. Some of the benefits of being active in the schools may not show themselves until in the later years, but the value cannot be overlooked. Here are a few:

  • Removing the negative stigmatism that the Police Officers are to be afraid of,
  • Showing a good strong moral person for the children to aspire to be, and emulate,
  • Building a long lasting relationship with the future leaders of the community.





Knock and Talk

Officer will go block to block knocking on doors and making contact with residents.

  • Interview residents ask if they have any type of problems such as crime, code enforcement, drug activity etc.
  • Share information and recourses with residents.
  • Share neighborhood watch program information.

The program benefits

  • To furnish a visible police presences throughout the community.
  • To combined foot and vehicle patrol.
  • To bring the police and community closer and have a positive line of communication.
  • As the program progresses it will help reduce crime and identify those persons who are involved in these activities



Police Ride-Along-Long program allows residents to accompany officers during their tour of duty in a police vehicle. The ride along program serves as a mechanism for community members to personally observe patrol operations and enhance transparency between police and members of the community.

The program benefits

  • To provide an opportunity for citizens to get to know officers in their officers in their community.
  • To provide an opportunity for police officers to get to know their community.
  • To educate the community about the responsibilities of police offers.
  • To provide citizens interested in law enforcement an opportunity to observe the job.