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Vision Zero Program Information

When it comes to streets within Glenarden, some are maintained by the municipality like Glenarden Parkway, while others are maintained by the State and County.  If there are questions about that you can use the County’s PAM tool.  

For concerns for County owned streets, please contact 311 to share your concern. This includes maintenance of sidewalks or trash. You will be issued a ticket number so you can track the progress of your request. If you need assistance or wish for my office to follow up on your behalf you can send the ticket number to my office by emailing or emailing Nikki Greco at I want to remind you that the County agencies are overseen by the County Executive. If you have any questions about the 311 system and how to connect with the proper Government agency, you can contact The Office of Community Relations at

Please reach out to the City of Glenarden Councilmembers to received detailed information regarding the process for putting in service requests for issues within the city limits.  The City of Glenarden’ s Police Chief can further address any speeding concerns. The City has the authority to put up speed bumps and other traffic calming devices within the city limits of Glenarden.

Delegate Jolene Ivy has connected Councilwoman Erika Fareed with Andrea Lasker who is with DPW&T (Department of Public Works and Transportation) and the Vision Zero Program.  Delegate Ivy has taken the liberty of providing links to a 1-minute video

Introduction to Vision Zero Program (English version):

Introduction to Vision Zero Program (Spanish version):

For questions about funds available to Municipalities, Non-Profit Prince George’s recently had a workshop for municipal Mayor’s to share how American Rescue Plan dollars can be used. They will be hosting another workshop in the coming months. For more information contact 240-582-5654, or email:

Another resource the community might find helpful is the Community Partnership presentation. The Community Partners Meeting is held a few times a year where all the agencies come together to share information with the community. The full presentation can be found here and is posted on the DPIE website here.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information, please feel free to contact Delegate Jolene Ivy’s office by email at, or call 301-952-3864

If anyone has a question about traffic studies:

The Department of Public Works and Transportation has a program to conduct traffic studies for County maintained streets.  Please know currently there is a queue so there is a wait time for the study to be completed.  No studies were conducted last year for COVID safety reasons and resources were being allocated elsewhere.  Studies resumed in mid-September and are usually conducted during the school year when traffic is highest.

To request a traffic study for County maintained streets please email Delegate Jolene Ivy’s office and share which street is a concern and why.

To learn more about the traffic study program you can find the information guide here.

September 30, 2021 – Redistricting…What does it mean to you? Event

View the September 30th Redistricting Event presentation here

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