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Prince George's County New Plastic Bag Recycling Policy

Currently, plastic bags and plastic wrap are being accepted at the County's Material Recycling Facility (MRF). However, starting July 1, 2015, the County will no longer accept plastic bags or plastic film in its Residential Curbside Recycling Single-Stream Program. Residents who receive County recycling pick-up services were notified of this change via a post card mailing and other sources of notification last month.

Please see flier for full details. [ view PDF ]

We appreciate your patience during the gas line replacement program that has been implemented by Washington Gas. This process has been ongoing and we realize that you have had to deal with many issues. Please know that the Public Works Department desires to provide the best service possible to our residents.  Feel free to contact James Middleton, Field Supervisor at 301-773-2100 x29 with any concerns. 

Recycling Schedule and Locations

Glenarden recycles! Recycle bin picked up is every Wednesday along with regular trash pickup.  Recycle bins can be picked up at the Municipal Center at 8600 Glenarden Parkway.   Bulk pickup is on every Saturday along with regular trash pickup.  Only two large items per pickup! Please note that tires are not included in the list of acceptable bulk trash items as they require special attention for discarding.

Litter Pick Up/Keep Glenarden Clean 

The Public Works staff does litter pick up every day throughout the city, but this is an ongoing process and as you know becomes a greater challenge during the summer months while the children are on summer break. Let’s work together to keep Glenarden beautiful!


It’s lawn mowing season! The Public Works Department will be maintaining city parks and lots. Our only request is that residents do not park cars where lots are located.  This will prevent grass from being blown on your vehicles.

Tree Trimming/Bush & Underbrush Removal

The city trees are presently in bloom and our community looks fairly nice.  The rainy season is also here.  Please report any fallen trees and tree limbs, as well as, areas where brush or shrubs are overgrown.

Park Place

The city has begun restoration of its parks, and hopes to soon have them available for the enjoyment of the residents of Glenarden. Dellwood Park has had a number of plants and shrubs replanted and mulch placed around the plants.  Hayes Street Memorial Park is expected to be redeveloped with funds from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources/Program Open Space.  The City has a grant funds to assist with the rehabilitation of this park as a memorial to those who contributed to the rich history of Glenarden. 

City Parks:

  • Dellwood Park in Ward 1 (Glenarden Pkwy on Dellwood Ave.)
  • Hayes Street Memorial Park in Ward 1 (Hayes Street and Johnson Ave.)
  • Seventh St. Park in Ward 3 (Seventh St. off of Glenarden Pkwy)
  • Martin Luther King Site in Ward 1 (Piedmont Ave and Church Streets)

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