City of Glenarden, MD


The City of Glenarden has benefited greatly from the American Rescue Plan which allowed the City to not have to use tax dollars for Capital projects. This allowed the City to save your tax dollars. A majority of the income that the City receives comes from the homeowner’s property taxes.

On October 2, 2023 Councilman James A. Herring and Councilman Maurice Hairston introduced resolution R-09-2024, a resolution to provide a property tax rebate to Glenarden homeowners. This legislation will have the City of Glenarden issue a $500 check to each residential homeowner.

The City Council voted to approve Resolution (R-09-2024) to provide a Real Property Tax Rebate to Glenarden Homeowners on January 16, 2024. As the true legacy organization in the city, the citizens, for over 80 years have volunteered, supported, and sacrificed to pay their Real Estate Taxes.

This rebate of $500 will come as a payment directly to residents in the form of a check or Direct Deposit (ACH) payment for those who wish to receive their rebate earlier. After receiving your application, the check payment process may take up to three (3) weeks to process, whereas ACH may take five (5) to seven (7) business days to process, depending on your bank.

Please note, that there is a cut-off period when this offer will be closed. In this case, all requests must be received/post marked before June 30, 2024 July 31, 2024.

All homeowners are entitled to this rebate, if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Your property must be within the Incorporated City of Glenarden jurisdiction (to include owner occupied, owners of rental homes, owners of vacant homes, owners of homes with joint/ multiple owners, and homes owned by trust).
  2. Property/homeowner(s) must be in compliance with City codes with no active fines, citations, unpaid property taxes, or existing liens on the property. If the property owner has multiple properties (a home, a rental home, a business, vacant land) within the City of Glenarden, he/she can only be deemed eligible if all owned properties are in-compliance at the time of distribution. Note: Owners of multiple properties can receive rebate payment for each property owned within the city.
  3. Review attached application for all other information required.

It is our pleasure to serve you and we look forward to providing you with the best possible service for the coming years.

Residents may complete the application online (now available in Spanish/Aplicación ahora disponible en español):

Applications will also be sent to residents via mail and can be returned to the City Hall. 

To inquire about the status of you application after the processing time or any other question about the Tax Rebate Program, please contact City Hall Tax Rebate Line at 240-539-7132 or email with subject line: Tax Rebate - (include your street address)